Tornado Funnel Cloud Forming Storm Wind Sk

Many thunderstorms occur in nature and a thunderstorm which causes the most damage is the tornado. And it has been a wonder for many how tornadoes form. There are some causes for the formation of those tornadoes, or any kind of thunderstorm. It is noted that whenever there’s a collision of a massive volume of air. That the warm atmosphere is under and the cod air over. This warm air will attempt to grow up and a low pressure region may develop and this may cause the formation of the tornado when the updraft of air is large. The tornadoes occur only in certain places and not in most areas because they occur only when a particular climatic condition is attained.
A sudden shift in the direction of wind was observed prior to the formation of a tornado. When it’s being developed the rate of wind increases and this high speed wind starts rising upwards. This might lead to a horizontal spinning effect in the lower atmosphere region. Later this change in direction and the result is seen to be formed in the vertical direction. Now at this stage as the thunderstorm that’s being shaped begins its upward vertical journey the circumference grows and it could become very large and range anything between two to six miles.
A rotating wall cloud or a lower cloud base is said to be formed in the region of wind direction.
The tornadoes can be classified into three classes based on the factors of the formation like weak, strong and violent tornadoes. The things that affect their creation and affect may vary and depend on wind speed, lifetime and reports about tornado deaths. A detailed study also demonstrates that most of the tornadoes are weak and almost half of them are strong and only a small number of them are violent in nature.
It’s come to the note after a lengthy observation that rain does not occur in the area of the tornadoes however there might be heavy to moderate rainfall in the background. Thus this is a concise account of how tornadoes seem to form.

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