Take Back Your Life

Just as we might want to, even if some thing in our own lives is not exercising right we can’t blame others or anything else. When we blame somebody or something different, we are not placing our energy and time to doing something about it. Let us take responsibility for our lives and take possession of our own valuable energy and time so we are the person who has to determine where our efforts will do the best. And, incidentally, whining certainly is not among these.

I really don’t know how often I’ve heard folks say that there simply is not enough time. You have heard that you too, right? Most of us want more time, do not we? Obviously we do! Time is just one of the universal things which most of us need more of, is not it? Guess what is among these universal things which all of us need more of? Energy. Yup. I’m pretty confident saying that most of us want more energy and time.

Consequently, if most of us want more energy and time, then why is it that we so willingly partake in actions like Bat Removal and blaming if they drain both energy and time out of us? Why do we willingly undermine ourselves like that by whining and blaming?

Well, irrespective of why we’re so slow to accept responsibility, the simple fact is that most of us engage in this counterproductive threatening behaviour. We must be cognizant of, then combat, our inborn unwillingness to accept responsibility when things go wrong if we’re truly going to be successful in life. Accepting responsibility is the only true route to pursuing down and grabbing those fantasies if we want to live the life we need and deserve.

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